Waste not, want not workshop series (online)

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Waste not, want not workshop series (online)

BusinessNZ Network and Business South are pleased to bring you three 60 minute online waste workshops ($50pp/ session):

Session 1: Understand and map your waste (16th March)

  • Understand the challenge of waste
  • Identify waste streams in your business and how to measure them

Session 2: Solving for waste (23rd March)

  • Scope hotspots
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Unearth potential solutions

Session 3: Go Circular and Action plan*(30th March)

  • Identify circular initiative
  • Map key actions vs priority

Overall outcome: know where you stand with your waste inputs and outputs, have identified solutions and an action plan for moving forwards.

Join Business NZ Network and Business South in Southern NZ on a highly interactive and action-oriented workshop series to tackle your waste. Waste is a key sustainability challenge for business. Your time is precious and we don’t want to waste it, so these short sessions are primed towards giving you tangible, practical steps you can take in your business to feel like you’re both winning the war on waste and making an impact on the planet.

To take your team with you and ensure they’re on board with this challenge, complement with ‘Communication and Behaviour Change for Sustainability’ and ‘Purchasing sustainably’ workshops as well. Coming soon.