Network Collaborations

BusinessNZ Network and the Sustainable Business Council partnership

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) is a CEO-led network of over 130 business committed to a future where business, people and nature thrive together. The organisation also hosts the Climate Leaders Coalition.

SBC is an integral part of the BusinessNZ Network. The two organisations have partnered to adapt the learnings from SBC for a small business programme.

SBC’s purpose is to mobilise New Zealand’s most ambitious businesses to build a thriving and sustainable future for all, with a specific focus on:

  • Leadership
  • Climate Action
  • Thriving people

The BusinessNZ Network delivers Sustainability programmes to  small businesses in New Zealand by leveraging their operating models at scale, and through this collaboration with the Sustainable Business Council. This  Sustainability journey is enabled through capability building and shared value for the Network, our membership and wider New Zealand.

With access to SBC’s network, members and resources, together with BusinessNZ’s role in building the capability of SMEs throughout New Zealand, we have the ability to amplify the sustainability progress of Aotearoa.

Network Collaborations

Network Collaborations

We recognise that sustainability is not something that can be achieved alone. So we want to work closely with others to achieve our goals. A key partner of ours is the Sustainable Business Council. 

We are also in discussions with the wider network of sustainability players in Aotearoa to identify shared value opportunities.

Please reach out if you are interested in partnering or collaborating with us.