BusinessNZ Network and Sustainability

What we are doing?

As a Network-based organisation that is well connected to New Zealand businesses, the opportunity to influence, educate and advocate on behalf of these businesses regarding sustainability is significant.

All businesses in our Network understand the importance of leading by example. We are on a sustainability journey too and have invested in our own Network Sustainability resources, as we accelerate our own efforts.

Businesses of today, large and small simply can’t afford not to engage with sustainability.
It’s a journey, it takes time and starts with a first step.

Kirk Hope

CEO, BusinessNZ

Learn about our BusinessNZ Network journey

Sustainability Strategy

We have developed a 2 year sustainability strategy to 2024 to focus our initial efforts while we develop our strategy to 2025. Continuously looking even further ahead, this strategy includes our aspiration beyond 2030.

We have completed a materiality assessment to establish which Sustainable Development Goals that our Network are focused on impacting through our strategy. Selecting four goals below ensures our Network has the capacity to make measurable impact:

Decent work and economic growth
(Goal 8)

Responsible consumption and production (Goal 12)

Climate Action
(Goal 13)

Partnerships for the goals
(Goal 17)

Sustainability Policy

We have created a sustainability policy for the BusinessNZ Network. Reach out to us if you want support creating your own.


We are measuring our carbon emissions to identify ways we can decarbonize and save money as a business.

Regional Pilots

We are scoping regional pilots in e.g. EV fleet conversion.

Employers and Manufacturers Association Northern Inc. (EMA)

As a responsible business organisation, we are committed to ensuring the sustainability message is understood to enable both our organisation and members to build their own sustainability pathways.

Our first steps have included the construction of a Green Star rated building and conference centre and having our own “onsite urban beehive”. We are making decisions on vehicle replacements which will include either EV or Hybrid options, along with an onsite charging station.

Sustainability is not achieved overnight but through well planned steps. We are taking those steps, and in doing so, showing how the transition to sustainability can be achieved.

Business Central

Trees that count

For every new member that signs up to Business Central or the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, we donate $10 to Trees That Count to help plant a native tree on our member’s behalf. As tree funders, we help tree planters receive free native trees that are planted and cared for in communities across Aotearoa. The positive impacts are clear; carbon removal, a healthier community and a more beautiful NZ.


We have reusabowls for staff to use when going to buy a takeaway lunch. Not only does the use of these bowls prevent extra packaging waste going into landfill, but they are made using rice husk, a by-product of the rice making industry – which would normally go to waste and is certified compostable. Once these bowls reach the end of their life (after hundreds of uses) they will be collected to be composted, while the lids (made from food-grade silicone) are sent to be recycled into headphones.
Reuseabowl started with a group of three Wellingtonians passionate about reducing single-use plastic, and the first product was launched at Cuba Dupa in 2021.

The Sustainability Trust Recycling Programmes

Plastic and metal lids don’t always make it into the recycling pile, because they are too small to be detected and often slip through the cracks. Therefore, Wellington City Council asks for these lids to be removed when preparing recycling. We support the Sustainability Trust’s lid recycling programme by dropping off our plastic and metal lids. We also drop off used batteries, E-waste and bread tags.

Soft plastics recycling scheme

We support the soft plastics recycling scheme to turn soft plastics into new plastic products, such as fence posts and garden edging. We separate our soft plastics from the landfill, then take them down to our local New World for recycling.

Method bins

Method bins can be found throughout our office space to increase awareness and make powerful behaviour change, diverting waste from landfill.

Will & Able

We support will&able  by stocking their products in our office. Will&Able is a NZ social enterprise that produces eco cleaning products and provides over 200 jobs for people with mental and physical disabilities. On top of this, all of their products are made from 100% recycled milk bottles and they offer a return to sender recycling programme to close the loop.

Business Canterbury

Business Canterbury is committed to sustainability to secure a future for our planet, our people and for our prosperity. We all know there is a lot we can do in to create a more sustainable future, but we can’t do everything.  So, we’ve focused our efforts on increasing awareness of the sustainability challenge.

Over the last two years we have partnered with Orion to inspire and educate Canterbury businesses on what sustainability means to them and how to begin navigating the journey of carbon reduction through a series seminars and events.

For example, we have run two recent webinars on the impact of climate change on the Canterbury region with the Climate Change Commission and with Kantar on both sustainability and Kiwi attitudes towards sustainability.

We are also supporting Orion by promoting the EV Experience and the benefits of carbon free travel to our members by offering the latest electric vehicle to use for a week FREE. Next, we are working to secure business partners to support the local sustainability program both technically and financially.

Business South Inc.

Business South Inc. is a new entity, formed on 1 October 2021 through a merger of the Otago Southland Employers Association and the Otago Chamber of Commerce. We are building an innovation and future focused business support entity that walks the talk on sustainability and leads by example. As we all know though, these things take time.

Our first cab off the rank has been to develop a sustainability strategy for Business South Inc to guide our actions. Following this, our next big initiative is to scope how we can transition our Business South carbon-fueled fleet into more sustainable alternatives.

We are excited to be supporting the development of Sustainability Foundations training and are looking forward to offering this to Otago and Southland businesses.

We hope that our sustainability journey can inspire other businesses to develop business models that contribute to making planet earth a happy and healthy place to live.

Business Central

Business Central offering branded Keep Cups

Method Bins

Business Central have Method bins in their office to ensure separation of waste and maximise recycling.

Will & Able

Business Central and BusinessNZ purchase Will and Able products for use in our offices. These products are eco-friendly, natural products made from recycled milk bottles packaged by people with disabilities

Business South

Business South are proud supporters of the Southern heroes initiative taking a load off local DHBs during COVID