Tackling scope 3 emissions for suppliers

Tackling scope 3 emissions for suppliers


What you’ll learn

Have you been asked about your emissions?

Part of climate risk management means suppliers to larger businesses are increasingly being asked difficult questions around sustainability processes. It’s okay to not have all the answers just yet, but we’re here to help you get started.

This short, sharp workshop series will help you as a supplier to understand the bigger picture of what the larger organisations you supply are grappling with, and how to meet your increasing obligations.

Already got a sustainability strategy in action? We have a range of courses available for those looking to step up and improve their business practice. Check out our learning tree here:

After, you’ll be able to

  • The reasons behind the inquiries or mandates to measure carbon emissions
  • Understanding the role of Scope 3 supply chain emissions in the value chain
  • How to simply and practically measure and reduce your emissions

Duration: 2 x 90 min modules – 21 Feb and 28 Feb both from 9.30-11am

Level: foundation

Delivery: online or in person

Register: [email protected]