Fresh People: Strategic HR Summit

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Fresh People: Strategic HR Summit

Business outlook and focus is constantly changing in the wake of the pandemic, but how can you ensure you are ready to tackle the challenges that 2022 will bring, while also keeping productivity high and juggling the health and wellbeing of your people?

At this half-day Strategic HR Summit, hear Dr. Galia Barhava as she shares how to drive strength-based culture transformation that truly unleashes the potential in your organisation. In this interactive session, Galia will walk you through how to get started, and demonstrate why putting people before process is the key to retaining and attracting the best talent in 2022.

Once you’ve identified your strengths, how do you get your leaders owning their team’s development and skill growth to bridge the gaps?

We’re joined by Brendon Husband, General Manager of People & Capability for Restaurant Brands, as he shares how to coach your leaders to adapt a growth mindset across skills and department goals through strategic partnerships between HR and leaders. Brendon will discuss how to create a team culture of care that puts wellbeing at front of mind, and show you how to get your team leaders embedding performance feedback into everyday coaching action. Our experts will also discuss:

  • Skill-based roles, not role-based skills – ensuring you are hiring for the future of the organisation and stretching beyond the two-year vision
  • Let your leaders build your internal talent pipeline – prioritizing staff development and driving your leaders so they feed through skills and capabilities to their teams
  • Empowering your leaders to truly own their teams and department goals, and decision-making that gets them there

Balance out the financial performance and people performance parts of your strategy and move forward together. Making this a priority will bring in the best talent and keep them with you for the long term.

Member (Standard) $198.00 +GST
Non Member (Standard) $298.00 +GST