Carbon reduction for manufacturers workshop – Auckland/ Waikato

This event has passed.

Carbon reduction for manufacturers workshop – Auckland/ Waikato

Are you a manufacturer just starting to navigate the world of carbon, importance of tackling climate change and wanting to start or do more to reduce your emissions? You may have done an initial carbon footprint or be in the process of doing one, but know your main emission sources… You may also be getting some parental pressure from your parent company – or even those you supply

This workshop will:

  • clarify the why/ importance of reducing emissions and acting on climate change
  • help you troubleshoot any emissions measurement challenges (first 30 minutes)
  • identify where to prioritise emissions reduction in your business and what you can do
  • give you an action plan for the top 5 actions you can take to reduce operational emissions in your business
  • guide you through the ins and outs of target setting
  • give you high level tips on beginning to engage and manage suppliers/ value chain emissions

Join Toitu Envirocare and BusinessNZ Network for a short, connected, but importantly impactful 3.5 hour workshop with fellow manufacturers from diverse businesses to tackle this important challenge together.

Reach out to Lauren James, BusinessNZ Network Sustainability Lead to express your interest and signup. Email: [email protected]